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French Taunter
Lots of work, lots of good times, world’s on fire but the family is doing fine. Not too bad, considering.
Still have to get a few presents for the family which is annoying, but other than that, who isn’t?
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Background Pony #87CD
Ooof, my sincerest apologies Armadillo. Thought he was like
“What, you? Do not kid me! Tell me you are not the person Fleetfoot was referring to as her girlfriend.
Which was kinda rude, darn, gotta learn that is hard to notice that kind of stuff on Internet, apologies again. Please delete that message.
Is drama the spice of life?
Nah, Spice of Life caused drama.
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I’ve got a question about cattle.
Are breeders ever used for meat? Does the breeding process affect meat quality?
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