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Ghost. Madmax.
And the large number of (primarily tumblr) Ask blogs; even if I wasn’t a particular fan of many in particular, the culture itself was conducive to a lot of fan content and theories and general engagement.
Also 30 minute art challenges and the frequent streams atryl, kloudmutt, kevinsano and loads of others, with large sketch dumps from chat requests and general lighthearted tomfoolery.
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Eeeh, favorite favorite is a hard one, here’s a top 5: Penguiz0 (florida-man incarnate), Exploring Series (some great vids on Tolkien, Warhammer etc), Count Dankula (Absolute Mad Lads is great), Philip DeFranco (cause I want to be punched in the throat) and finally Kurzgesagt (best vulgarisation channel on Youtube IMO).
Honorary mention to the late Totalbiscuit, his fight for balanced game journalism and the bettering of the industry was truly inspiring.
Tumblr blogs, like the Weaver, Luna afterdark by Herny, ask blogs… There was a large choice of fun projects to follow.
I suspect at least one person on staff to be a literal grumpy cat yes, but I don’t have conclusive proof.
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