What are some free but decent alternatives to Photoshop?

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Depends of what you want to do with it. GIMP is good as a general-purpose image editor, but is not really specialized into artworks creation. Krita, on the other hand, is.

MyPaint has some interesting qualities too (such as infinite canvas) didn't used it for a while though. It is for artists who like to do everything themselves, without relying too much on the software.

Inkscape may be for you if you're into vector / staying close to the show's style
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If you want a raster image photo editor?

Ya want a little sum sum'n on the artistic side? Illustration or concept art?

Autodesk Sketchbok

Want that infinitely scale-able graphic design?


Manga or or comic book?

Clip Studio Paint. The upgrade to Pro (fitty Vbucks, 25 when they discount) is worth it.

I personally use Clip Studio Paint for drawing and GIMP for photo editing.
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