The Best Art Series I've Ever Done So Far

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So, I just wanted to discuss with you all about the best art series I've been doing so far. The series is called "Attack on Giant Ponies" created by me, which always depicts a mare as the giant, and that they are seen as the biggest pony, always in front of the mountains of Ponyville. Unicorns and Alicorns can use growth spells and make themselves bigger, while Earth and Pegasi ponies must use something to make them bigger. It allows the gigantic mare to stomp on anything in her way. The mare who is gigantic would remain a giant for a while until it wears off.

These are the ponies who have been depicted as giants as of now:
(Rainbow Dash), (Trixie), (Lotus Blossom), (Princess Cadence), (Stellar Flare), (Sapphire Shores), (Moon Dancer), (Fluttershy), (Minuette), (Applejack).

Lotus Blossom, Stellar Flare, Trixie, and Rainbow Dash are the most popular giants in my series.

The series is on hiatus until January 2nd, 2021, in which the next pony in my series is the adult version of Sweetie Belle.

Remember to watch my art in the future for more "Attack on Giant Ponies" series from me. It's the best series I've ever done to date.
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