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Taking SFW art requests!

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Started by yoonergetic
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Artist -

Hello! I am an artist, currently seeking requests to practice. Not gonna do anything too detailed — my commissions are open for that. I am, however, accepting characters (both canon and OCs) and general descriptions of the idea/mood. They would be done in a style similar to this:

Please note that I'm not going to draw every single one — only if an idea appeals to me, so no hard feelings. Thank you in advance!
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Background Pony #A8B1
I would like to request a pcirure of rarity's cornucopia costume causing her to float in the air while the rest of the humane seven watches in shock
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Background Pony #A3B2
Can you draw the Equestria girls version of the Mane 6 with inflated pants?
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Artist -

@Background Pony #0BED
sorry, but i did clarify that not all will be done: "Please note that I'm not going to draw every single one — only if an idea appeals to me, so no hard feelings."
and while i understand and appreciate your concern, those are free requests that i will do whenever i feel like — as i said, for practice. if you need something to be done fast, my commissions are open and are my main priority as they are my main source of income at the moment.
thank you for your attention.
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