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Surprisingly negative votes

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Pubilq Phirm
I easily understand the artist mindset when creating the most controversial image possible. As they used to say on /r/drama, “if you can’t find drama, make some.” Trolling is an art. Remember, the opposite of being in the featured box isn’t a slot on the wall of shame when sorted by most downvotes, it’s a net score of +4 with 0 downvotes.
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Full of bad ideasideasl
Alright, here’s the worst thing. It’s when you make one that you put all the effort in to, you add Evey effect and trick you know. You upload it and you wait to see what you get,
And the first vote you get is a down-vote, and it’s just like “F@#k!”
And you can see other posts from 10 or 20 minutes earlier than yours that have no votes, so someone diliked it so much instead of skipping over it like they did with the posts before yours, they down vote it.
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