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Hi! So i don't wanna come off as a beggar, but i unfortunately have fallen into a massive debt that has taken a big plunge into my savings, with this debt and just general living spending, i'm looking at a fast decline to my funds.

If you like my work and would like to help, my commissions are open and i'm willing to discuss and draw many different subjects and themes!

If you'd like to request a commission, my prices are as follows:
One character will be,
$15 for a sketch commission
$25 for lineart
$30 for flat colors
$40 for simple shading
$50 for fully colored and fully shaded
$80 (Depending on complexity) for all of the above plus a fully colored and shaded background

Any additional character, will be priced the same as the previous rates with $3 off.

If you're not able to buy a commission, no worries, i completely understand, but if you'd like to still help, word of mouth is much appreciated :)
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