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mlp x s3
I don’t know why maybe if you want to find something like making a uniform for the dragons who have been friends with spike I’ll show you how
1 find an picture with characters or ocs who are in a group make sure to ask the artists permission to use their ocs
2 pick an background to set the scene
3 find some bases that suit up the picture
4 to get the bases you will have to take your time to use it to get them go to deviant art and search some up or the makers who make them like box of ideas elementbases and some others
5 after you get some you will have to trace color edit remove the watermarks by editing it
6 when your done you can credit me or the artist for using their ocs just like the collab of 2023
7 you’re finished and make sure they are no mistakes don’t worry if they won’t let you it’s okay you can borrow mines instead
8 and final have fun following these
Copy and paste okay
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