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I'm having trouble locating an image. It's of Pinkie Pie lying in a bed, her head only showing — I think she's in Twilight's bed from the Ponyville Library/tree.
The image is somewhat show-accurate, Pinkie Pie looks like she's out of one of those magazines you'll find at the grocery store — like someone just looked up a picture of her and pasted her on there.
It's a meme, so there's text (at the bottom, I think) that runs something like: "The things I've seen would kill lesser men."
I can't seem to find it on the site, maybe it's been taken down or has too few tags to be easily found. If anyone has a copy, I'd much appreciate the share. Thanks!
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I can't find it, but the picture is just Ryuko Matoi sitting outside at night with the landscape of a small town environment. Wearing a white shirt, blue pants and sandals. I did have that picture in my broken flash drive…
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