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PayPal Artists?

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I still accept paypal, I never stopped using it, I still also use and have my kofi open too. I’ve recently got more into doing YCHs & Adopts too on my Kofi, Commishes & YCH.Art.
I still also accept and have my commissions on here & everywhere else too! ^^
And to answer @Joey
The reason to why Patreon is not safe alongside Boosty to be used for “Art Commissions” is because there is no buyer protection or seller protection even, so if you get scammed or need a refund; you won’t be able to dispute it as these are “Tip Jar” sites, not selling/sale sites where buyer protection is available.
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hi there
I may be late to this topic and a bit off it, but dont wanna create separate forum post just to ask: if you make a donation on boosty wia paypal, is it true that you can attempt to cancel the transaction wia paypal itself? I just googled it, and seems like you can 100% cancel buying payed access to post and monthly subscription payment, but I didn’t find anything regarding the donations.
Maybe anyone tried doing so or dealt with a client cancelling theirs donate? I ask because im currently taking commissions and use this donate feature to get my coins, and from what I’ve read about boosty before this topic i had an impression that its basically requires only customer to open a despute to get theirs charge-back and paypal will deal with it in its usual manner. Am i wrong? Do i need to update my ToS/use “payed post” feature for my customers to feel more secure? Pls i am in horror.
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