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So, here's Fei Yen Gonzales; one of my OC's as drawn by NibanDestikim

Basic info:

Age: 15 (in this picture)
Height: Average
Ethnicity: Mexican Father, Han Chinese Mother
Occupation: Student, junior assistant Martial Arts instructor, delivery girl (food)
Hobbies: Martial Arts related stuff (especially Northern Shaolin, Taekwon Do, and Capoeira), Dancing, Tricking, Film Study
Personality: Outgoing, Sociable, tries to be helpful, willing to take charge as needed
Flaws: Can rush into things, oblivious towards somebody crushing on her, pushes herself to far without enough rest at times.
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✾ Rad and Adorable ✾
My OC, Radomila Radon the siren plays a ball. The ball is a granite XD.

Link: https://www.deviantart.com/melisareb/art/A-Siren-Plays-A-Ball-838072165

Here's the real granite.
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So I'm going to do seven additional OCs for the Crash Bandicoot.

I already got a female Tanuki one in the works, but I got one female fox, one male Dingo, one male Giant Panda, one male Kangaroo, one male human, and one male Lizard.
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