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Rainbow Dash fan! :-)
Do any of the artists here do free requests? I aware that the best ones do commissions for money, but I don't have a bank account to ask for commissions. But I was wondering if they accept gift card payments, because I only have gift cards. I can draw, and do art, but I'm busy at things at the moment… By the way, do any of the best artists accept gift card payments?
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Maquinola cósmica
At the moment, I make free commissions since that helps me practice.

I don't know what kind of drawing you are looking for, but If you are interested you can see my art.
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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I do free requests sometimes if it is fun. Like with the sites collabs — those are a blast :)

What do you want drawn?

And, for gift cards, you kind of have to ask people one artist at a time.

Yeah, same thing for me. I haven't drawn on anything like a regular basis for almost 20 years, so I'm just looking for ways to get going again. Plus ponies are a new challenge.
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Maquinola cósmica

In the Derpibooru forums are usually do art-trades?

I have not been in Derpibooru a long time and there are still many things that I do not know. Regards.
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a green birb
Yep! All this lockdown and being stuck inside has made me want to draw other people’s OCs so just let me know! As long as it’s not NSFW (though I can do gore and such, just no nudity lmao)
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