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Nova Saber 97
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Latex Lover
I’m looking for an artist who would be willing to help me make a feral latex pet art.
It’d be two - three ponies and i’d be willing to tell more if your interested.
If you are indeed interested, please let me know in a PM.
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Nova Saber 97
Wallet After Summer Sale -

Latex Lover
@Zlat Design
It would be, yes. I don’t ask for free art.
If offered, it would be accepted, but to outright ask for Free art? I find it to be an insult to the skill of the artist.
So, yes. It would be a proper Art Commission.
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Husdur may be worth looking at - they regularly have commissions open and draw a lot of latex.
Otherwise most other artists I know of who draw latex don’t don’t do commissions often, and usually fill up very quickly when they do.
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