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A Tale For The Ages - Celebrated MLP's 35th Anniversary and FiM's 8th Anniversary

Sonic X, but in its own universe than the human universe. Along with tie-ins with the Archie and IDW comics storyline and characters.
Also, Amy Rose in her own adventure, with Cream the Rabbit as her friend, and for her love interest….Blaze the Cat.
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A comic version of the Fimfiction fanfic weight gain story Nightmare Moon’s Rubenesque Revenge by MetalBrony20.
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Fluttershy vs Equestria’s version of Kraven. Belonging to a former aristocratic pegasus military family from a traditionalist Pegasus city state that was planning to restore the Old Pegasus Order, they were overthrown and forced to flee.
Kravenpony now has an obsession with the wilds of the Everfree Forest. Spiderpony (Fluttershy) must fight this noble turned savage hunter.
A Tale For The Ages - Celebrated MLP's 35th Anniversary and FiM's 8th Anniversary

[Continuation to Waifu Warriors]

The PPGZ crew have super saiyan like aura with their powers.
Blossom - Pink with rectangular shapes
Bubbles - Light Blue aura with circles
Buttercup - Green Aura with triangles
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  • Coloratura singing Death on Two Legs by Queen. This would be a huge “Fuck you” to Svengallop.
  • Coloratura x Sunset Shimmer. I know they haven’t interacted at all but I think they’d get along pretty well since both of them are talented musicians and singers and both of them are redeemed (or in other words, developed) in a way (Sunset being a redeemed villain and Coloratura having broken free from Svengallop and discovering her true self). It’s sad there isn’t much fanart of them (I’ve only seen one picture of them together >>2341489)> They would have made a cute couple.
  • An album cover parody of Deep Purple In Rock featuring the mane six (except maybe Twilight or Fluttershy). Album cover parodies don’t seem to get a lot of upvotes on here, I remember uploading quite a few of them on my old account.
  • Luna wearing a Saxon (the NWOBHM band) t-shirt. I’ll admit this particular idea I just thought of now, but i’m still including it anyway since I’ve been thinking about one song by them (Princess of the Night) and wanted to reference it some way.
I’d draw these if I ever decided to start uploading again, though the first one I don’t even need to draw, just make a simple image macro and upload that. I doubt most people on here will get the reference but I’d like it.
The Equestrian Zodiac
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In regards to the recent Pokemon direct: The new female protagonist from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fiddling with her shorts while thinking, “Am I seriously that plain?” while the other female protags are looking at her with unimpressed looks on their faces, outside of Elaine, who looks concerned.
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Lightning Dust singing Lightning’s Hand by Kansas. Most people here wouldn’t get the reference since it’s not as well known as Carry on Wayward Son or Dust in the Wind, but I thought it’d be cool.
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