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Riko (Made in Abyss), Lily Hoshikawa, Rex (Xenoblade Chronicles 2) and (Xenoblade Chronicles 1 spoiler) Shulk each wearing a shirt that reads "I've died, came back to life and all I got was this lousy shirt." with Riko's having a little extra line that reads "and now I have an urge to crawl down a hole full of dangerous stuff."
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My idea that I can't get out of my head is a forest with 250 feet tall trees growing bright blue leaves and blue vines, giant mushrooms with beautiful glowing designs, each unique to one of the different mushrooms, giant tentacle-like plants growing everywhere, and a river flowing through the forest
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A kind of Anti-Venom Eldritch god. The only one that doesn't harm humans, even unintentionally. Abominations allegedly produced by our reality are merely unsettled by it, while creatures from outside are outright terrified by it's presence. Though mostly silent, getting it to name itself will only produce a sensation most people will identify as "Truth".

Touched by it, a single person gains what seems like only a bruise, but more 'knowledgeable' will see he now possesses a third eye of ultimate sight beyond sight. He can now see past illusions and pretense, out into the farthest reaches, but he may not like or even comprehend what he sees. And it will take time before this eye can be controlled or closed.
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Waifu Warriors will have an official original character/avatar. That's right. Your own waifu in a waifu crossover universe, almost something like Sora from Kingdom Hearts. You can customize, train and socialize with other waifus to gain information and friendship. I'm thinking of choosing a type of voice for the player's choice ranging from high to low, with personality settings to it. For clothing, you can also earn pins and character based attires to fight in both style and aficionado! Like how WWE does it.. It doesn't end there! The clothes can be real merchandising also!
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