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More about Ayame and Naomi.

Ayame has dark brown hair and blue eyes. Naomi has reddish-brown hair and green eye(s). Both are about 5'5''.

Naomi has severe claustrophobia from the time she was trapped in an avalanche.

Ayame's parents are divorced, since it's been suspected that her father's smoking habit is what gave her laryngeal cancer. Her father, being a total asshole, didn't give a shit. She has an artificial voice prosthesis, but it doesn't sound like her voice (she sounds 60 years older) and hates using it.
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[Continuation for Waifu Warriors]

So…. I've been thinking of drawing character model sheets fo the waifus with their original clothes and new costumes. From almost every angle, even make some references info. This'll be good practice if I want to make some character renders.
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Trixie is innocent.
At the moment I want to draw a ponified Kate Bush in situations based of her songs/music videos… at the moment my mind is overflowing with these ideas and I can't focus on one particular idea, I also need to do more cubees. My mind is overfilling with ideas at the moment, so much that I can't sit down and actually focus on executing these ideas. Does that make scene? Also come up with ideas and I want to be friendly and whip up something for them, so gahh, Overwhelmed.

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How about Applejack as Bellemere from One Piece complete with her cigarette and hair. A rowdy but kind tomboy mom. Honestly though AJ is probably more mature than her.
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