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I got another good one from the newspaper I was reading today.  
It concern a legend related to Mount Bromo.
In this legend, a couple must promise to sacrifice their youngest child to the volcano gods to solve their problems with poverty and infertility. What stuck with me was the word “youngest”.
In my story, “[Protagonist name] and the volcano”, [protag]’s mother does the exact same thing, and then keeps having more children as she grows to appreciate all of their previous kids (even the ones with birth or personality faults) and does not want them to die. She manages to keep the gods stall since as long as the couple is alive, there’s always the possibility of a new YOUNGEST child. The rest of the story follows the [protag]’s relationship with her aging parents (and their regret that they gave him/her birth already knowing s/he would be sentenced to death; his/her youngest older brother, who barely escaped becoming the sacrifice because of his/her birth; his/her other siblings, learning about how his/her parents ended up deciding they should live for each and every one of them, learning to see past their faults (there’ll certainly be a brother with a disability, and one who is EVIL) and with the village people (aware and reacting differently to his/her predetermined fate).  
I have a feeling I could make an excellent story out of it.
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AN Idea for an OC
Within this universe exists a rare being who has lived for eons of time wandering the cosmos. An Alicorn that seeks one thing…Fulfillment. He is the element of the void, the vast emptiness of space. He lives his life as an explorer of the universe traveling from world to word, able to observe their wonders yet unable to ever truly join them. His element is one that cannot exist within the bright worlds of day for he would never be seen. The Void casts no shadow and therefore cannot be shined app on. Thus he lives a solitary life hoping to one day find another in this vast universe like him, for his race is of a rare few and in all his travels, in all the worlds he has Discovered, he has yet to meet another like him… an Alicorn.
Centari is an Alicorn that can be better described as a cosmic being. His body takes on the properties of the cosmic phenomenon close to him. The most common phenomenon of these are Singularities or “Black Holes”. The result of this is him having a body of incredible mass, and light absorbing properties thus preventing him from appearing withing the visual spectrum. An an Alicorn Centari does have magic, but mainly uses it to travel vast distances from system to system (and if well rested and fully energized, galaxy to galaxy). To better grasp what kind of power Centari has consider this, Luna controls the Moon & Stars, Celestia controls the Sun, Centari manages the flow of the Void/Space.  
[side note: as of this back story, Centari is not yet aware of Equestia(as a planet) for he has yet to travel to that word. remember, the universe is a big place.]
Centari’s magic is not unlimited. It takes grate effort to travel as far as he does, not to mention controlling his gravity and mass so as not to disturb the balance of other celestial bodies around him. Like all Equines he is made from star energy and so must rest within range of a stars pulse to recuperate. During this time the magic controling the force of gravity around him is gone. In a sense, he’s like a celestial body orbiting the star until he regains his energy. The amount of time this can take will very depending on how much magic Centari has used.
Physical Description
When at a normal size (aka an Alicorn form you would see in Equestria) Centari has a mass of 0.48 sextillion metric tons. When using the full force of his magic, he can reduce that number to as low as 5 tons. This would allow him to visit the surface of other worlds as an observer without threatening them with his own gravity. Because of his light absorbing properties, he lacks a solid color (although few who can perceive him would describe his form as being a deep translucent Jade.)
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@And Brother I Hurt People  
Feel free to steal them - I definitely won’tend up using 99% of my suggestions!  
Though I guess I should also be asking writing tips from you, since you’re so knowledegable about the topic. ;p
(What I’ll probably be working on next will be some Derpy headcanon themed comics I’ve had planned forever, but I needed to get to an acceptable level of artistry first.)

And not the angry kind
A sort of sci-fi spacefaring AU where Celestia has died, and the sun with her, so now Luna has taken rulership of Equestria in her sister’s absence. Without the Sun’s protective light, however, beings of darkness and nightmares now flourish throughout the land, giving pause to even the Princess of the Night herself. In a last-ditch effort, Equestria takes to the stars, leaving their old home behind in search of a new world orbiting a new star, and so the Equestrian Interstellar Fleet is born. Unfortunately, ponykind is not alone in the universe, and the darkness between the stars proves to host its own share of dark, sinister beings.
Cybernetic augmentations have been invented, some of which can tap into the bearer’s inner magic to power a wide array of integrated technologies both military and mundane utility. These enhancements have proven particularly popular among Earth Ponies spending long periods of time in space, far from the tender ground their nature favors.
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Principal Cinch looking down into a well, screaming “Unleash the fucking magic in the basket!” a la Buffalo Bill

I’m no artist, but I’ve had this idea of a pony/naruto crossover with the Tree of Harmony being like the God Tree and Helios being Kaguya. I’m surprised brony artist who are Naruto fans haven’t gotten onto this yet.

Tickling Pony Bellies
Scene interpretations with all the characters replaced with characters played by the same VA. Take the group hug scene from Cutie Mark Chronicles, for example. Two characters played by Andrea Libman, two played by Ashleigh Ball, one played by Tara Strong, and one played by Tabitha St. Germain. (Or possibly one each by Miyuki Sawashiro, Sora Tokui, Emiri Kato, Suzuko Mimori, Izumi Kitta, and Mikoi Sasaki.)
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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I’ve had an idea for a short pony comic in my head since forever, but I can’t draw.
Panel 1  
Filthy Rich: “Did I hire you to be a bunch of yes-ponies?”
Panel 2  
Big Mac: “Eeeyup.”  
Bulk Biceps: “YEAH!!”  
Marble Pie: “Mmhmm.”
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I don’t know if explicit art ideas are allowed here but if they are, I have one.
Of all of the porn I have seen of the Dazzlings, why hasn’t anyone drawn much of their siren forms? I want to see their siren buttholes!
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