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The courage to jump...
A parody of the opening of a game of Dominions, the grand strategy god-game. Celestia reaches the end of her term as Pantokrator and disappears. Now Twilight has to unite the ponies as a new Pretender Goddess against other resurgent races and their Pretenders.
Cromanti Cheer
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A fanfic or fanfic series where Sombra is the main/one of the main antagonists without having a single direct line in-story.
Sure, Sombra can speak, as inferred from his subordinates, but we will never witness him say anything “in quotes” in the story. Partially as a gag that nods to his lack of speech in the show, but partially because it would be an interesting contrast to Chrysalis, Tirek, et. al. to have a villain who doesn’t speechify or monologue when he has the upper hand over the heroes, and would rather just try to be genre-savvy and kill anyone who opposes him outright (who comes within spellcasting range).
Since just about any direct encounter with him would most likely prove fatal to somepony, he’s fought mostly indirectly–through mind-control helmets, mentally-broken acolytes, cursed objects that show your worst fear, automated defense systems, massive armies of mind-slaves approaching from the north, etc.
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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

I actually have a bunch of story bits and snippets I accumulated over the years which are mentalliy filtered under the vignette “overlord project”; so named because the base idea in the universe I wanted to place them in is:  
“suppose that Darth Vader was raising Luke Skywalker, and the latter was already a hero”.
In this story, the Evil Overlord has defeated the Good King as usual and also in usual fairytale fashion, the king’s children were carried to safety by a nursemaid to be raised by a shepherd or whatever to one day reclaim the throne.  
…except this Overlord had read “The List” and when they reach the Blacksmith Stepherdess’s hut, he’s already there, waiting.  
…Where another twist follows: he does NOT want to kill the kids but has decided to raise them himself and make them his heirs, although he intents to hide this fact from the world.  
What follows is a series of smaller story chapters picking up after the kids are old enough where:  
  • the Overlord decides it’s time they started training with the Evil Army and whatever other evil magic he plans to pass on to them. However, because their inner goodness and heroism shines through even without intending to, the kids just keep messing everything up, accidentally converting evil soldiers to good etcatra.  
  • the Overlord has a nightmare about the kids defeating him and riding into the sunset, and decides that he has to kill them after. However, he realizes that in the end he can’t do it, and chooses to reform and turn the entire Empire to good for their sake.  
    …Which, it turns out, actually makes the kids despair since the evil hordes marching, the zombie pits burning etc. has been a natural part of their lives up until that point, and beg for the Overlord to fix them, leaving him at a loss.  
  • …from which follows the greater epic story, where (although we do not learn this until later on) the Overlord is attempting to createa safe world for the kids by making THEM the heroes who will bring HIM down, and creating a quest/journey that he carefully manipulates that will set him on this path.
    All this however? This isn’t even the actual main sory, this is the backdrop. :p  
    The actual hero is a shonen protagonist kid who sets out one day to…become an overlord himself (overlords after all can do anything they want).
    So this would be the world but there are actually many smaller stories which the heroes encounter and take part in. Here are a few of them.
    ~~story 1: “X IS COMING”  
    This is a good intro for an unusual character or the protagnonist.
    A gentleman sits in a bar. Suddenly a man comes running and yells:  
    “The Butcher is coming!”  
    The bar empties in seconds, leaving only the first man and the barman.  
    After two minutes, a large man appears in the doorway; his body is covered in scars, a bloody knife innhis hand etc., you get the idea. He sits next to the first man and shouts:  
    “A double whisky ~~ and make it real quick!”  
    He gulps it down, stands up and heads for the door, but the first man can’t stop himself and asks him, why the hurry?  
    He turns around slowly with a fearful expression, stares at him and says:  
    “What, didn’t you hear? The Butcher is coming.”
    (Now if this is a comic/movie, we zoom in on the protag’s confused face and then cut away…  
    …where a man whose face we can’t see is heading towards the bar, and as it zooms out we can see…
    Butcher is a 10-year old boy.)
    The scene would be performed in a similar manner except without the bar, and “butcher” is whatever the hero’s actual name is. :)
  • story 2: “The man who stayed”
    This story is about a messenger who is sent running with an important message that is going to prevent war and destruction…if it arrives in time. The man takes a car through a desert but it breaks down, and he has to stop in a small village to get supplies and repairs. This will prove his undoing.
    At first it doesn’t seem too bad - the spare parts will take a few days to arrive, so he has to stay longer than planned, but he can still make it in time. But he also learns that part of the enemy army is going to attack the village in a week, so he must hurry, and the villagers are themelves badly in need of supplies because of this.
    Despite his intentions, he finds himself more and more involved with organizing the village’s protection. He starts giving away parts of his own equipment to aid the village, but he keeps saying that he can still make it…  
    …and it’s painfully obvious that despite his best attempts this small village is going to woefully helpless before the might of the enemy army…  
    …so he really, really should get out of here, but he’s already given away his compass to this little boy, his guns to the defenders, he goes in person to catch the caravan bringing the supplies because they might get attacked before they reach the village…  
    …and in the last moment, he gets the parts too, and it seems like, despite the numerous setbacks, he might just leave the village the last moment and maybe even make it in time though it’ll be a close call.
    And it’s the next morning and…he’s still there. Staying there, and fighting to protect this one small village that nobody cares about, and gives his own life in the process.
    And the kingdom falls, because the message did not arrive.
    But that one village survives, somehow saved against overwhelming odds.
    And the whole world remembers him as the worst traitor but in that one place, he’s remembered as a hero.
    And the audience is asked if it is right to sacrifice someone or something for a greater thing.  
    And if it is wrong to prioritize and feel sympathy for the ones we know.
  • story 3: the Honest Thief  
    This is a story about a Knight who should have protected the kingdom, but instead decided that nobody could fault him if he failed against those odds, an instead used the support and adoration of the people to live the good life.  
    …And about a thief who ended up stealing the knight’s armor (which he already half solved, half gambled anyway) and putting it on to protect himself, which caused him to be mistaken as a Knight himself.  
    And wherever he goes the people ask him to save them and he ends up being guilt tripped into helping, cursing himself and often ALMOST running away, but…  
    slowly but surely becoming the Knight the original Knight was supposed to become.
    Who one day appears before him calling him a liar and a thief and demanding the armor back.
    So these are all stories and characters that exist in this ’verse.
    Some of the major characters are:
  • the Kids  
    Heroes raised by the Overlord. What’s fascinating is that they act as heroes, but for the monster/undead side. Though they learn to broaden the definition of “good person” to incorpprate both sides during their journey.  
  • the Shonen Kid  
    Who wants to be an Overlord.  
  • the SK’s Mentor  
    Once the village drunk, as a result he was a person easy to sacrifice when dealing with Overlords. He became good at it, oddly growing into a sort of unofficial village leader/speaker whenever armies are marching through. He joins the SK to escape the village and shares with him his NSFW world view in which women, drugs and neccessary violence all appear.  
  • the Last Knight  
    The only one that dared stand up against the Overlord. Improsoned by the OD at the time of writing, serving as another mentor and antagonist of sorts to the Kids.  
  • the Overlord  
    He has read the List. He’s smarter than you.  
  • the Thief  
    Savior and doesn’t like it.
    This is another “probably never to get finished” thing in the back of my head, but I thought I’d share it. :p

And not the angry kind
Heh, I kinda have a similar story like that where “Overlord who has read The List” is a major character and “stereotypical Shonen boy” is the protagonist, except mine was more a deconstruction of JRPG cliches, where basically the Overlord turns out to not actually be evil, or at the very least trying his best not to be, and not only are spiky-haired youngsters with the power to take on armies single-handedly and only grow stronger with every kill (i.e. your average JRPG protagonist) a regular phenomenon, but people actually notice the impossible things they do and ways the affect the world and some even fear them for it. Also it turns out turn-based combat isn’t just an abstract summary of combat for the player- Prots (term for the “hero” characters, short for “Protagonist”) literally possess the power to trap their prey in a pocket dimension that restricts what actions they are capable of taking at a given moment.
Well, some do. There’s actually a whole system in place classifying Prots basically by what cliches they follow or essentially what sort of game they are from. Also the initial non-evil Overlord is basically rounding them up to turn them into a sort of private army/Justice League sort of thing to protect his kingdom and keep them out of trouble.
I really need to write more of this stuff down.
Cromanti Cheer
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

An RTS custom multiplayer melee scenario (probably a Starcraft map) that doesn’t eliminate “dead” players, leaving the victor as the last player standing.
Rather, it takes a hint from classic Euro-style board games and uses a “victory point” system and a timer. The player with the highest number of victory points (or if a player hits a certain number of VP) is the winner, but if neither of those victory conditions are met, everyone else is still in the game. So somehow a player who has had their base and units destroyed can continue to “ally” with others and sabotage other players in some manner.
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Judy Hopps with boobs.  
Ju-DD-y Hopps.
that and Nelvana Cheer Bear and Champ bear having a shotgun wedding.
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I’ve had this one idea in my head for a while. I most likely won’t get around to doing it because it’s just simply massive in terms of effort to make if I expect to put it out with any reasonable level of quality. And also I’m a mixture of busy and lazy.
The idea was basically a flash animation with as many sexual poses between two stock pony models as I could imagine up - maybe 15 to 20 positions also including lesbian and gay positions. The stock models would have a heavy amount of mane-styles and tails and colors to customize them with.
The aim being to recreate any OC or canon character paired with any other OC or canon character.
To be worth looking at in my opinion it would require more than just tweening though. It’d require hand drawn animation to be an all-time value. But… effort… time… The worry that it’d never get finished is the main reason I never started.
The Equestrian Zodiac
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Witch Dagger!
Got a couple crossovers that haven’t left my head in a long time:
Ace the Bathound and Krypto having arrested the Flim Flam Brothers with the latter wondering why those two sound so familiar.
Brainy Barker engaged in combat with Mane-iac.
Dinky, Sweetie, Button and Pipsqueak as Anna, Natalie, Matt and Lance from Epic Battle Fantasy 4 respectively.
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A fanfic idea:  
Silver Spoon, Twist and Zippoorwhill are all secretly gaming buddies. One summer evening, they all go over to Zippoorwhill’s house for a slumber party (and to try out a new game she has).  
After a night of rough gaming and drinking Zippoorwhill’s parents’ cider supply, the three fillies wake up completely naked in bed together and all with different memories of what happened the night before.  
The rest of the story is each of them telling what they remembered (in Rashoman style) and trying to figure out which one was true.
And yes, this is anthro, and one of the chapter will feature sex.

Tickling Pony Bellies
I have a comic idea.
    Marble: (singing, aqua background) Kiete itsuka wa… hakanai sora e ue e… koe…  
    Marble: (singing, lavender background) …tsunagaru… dokomademo tsutzuru ito…  
    Marble: (singing, pink background) …sakura ga… mieru yo… mado kara…  
    Marble: (singing, yellow background) Saa… doko made mo… hirgatteiku…  
    Marble: (singing, blue background) Sagashiteru yumegumo doko ni aru no kanaaaa?  
    (Cloudy Quartz, or possibly Limestone): …Marble?  
    Marble: (pleased) Mm-hmm!
    (The joke, of course, is that Marble is singing songs by the Japanese band “marble”… specifically, the ending themes to Hidamari Sketch.)

There’s this one crossover fanfic idea I have involving ME. It would sort of work well too considering I can basically travel to anywhere in the multiverse.
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