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I'm the OP of the anorexic sunny comic. now that it ended- how do you feel?

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Hey, this is my first time making a forum post. I’m the person who made the anorexic Sunny series.
I’ve been drawing multiple panels for it every single day, and it’s finally come to an end a couple of days ago. I read through every single comment and constantly checked for new ones, maybe hourly. This was both exhausting and exciting for me. Never in my life have I thought that I would do such a large scale project, and I really hope that I made some sort of an impact on anyone with it. I’ve been reading through some forum posts that were made while the series was still ongoing, and there were lots of mixed opinions. I tried my best to portray the different parts of struggling with an eating disorder as I am struggling with one of my own at the moment. It’s a very bumpy road so I can understand how frustrating it could have been with Sunny’s constant relapsing. What were your thoughts on it? If you have any questions, I’d be glad to answer them.
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One of those mixed forum post opinions might have been mine so let me make a helpful clarification.
First off, if what I said made you feel bad over your project, then I want to extend my deepest apologies. It was never my intention to make you feel that way towards your comic, it was just my personal feelings over the comic as a whole and was never a reflection towards you and your condition. This also for any posts I said on the individual comics that could be taken the wrong way. I’m happy that you used this comic as a way to vent your frustrations, and I can admire that. I’m also happy that it attracted an audience, and it deserved to since it did touch a lot of people.
I was on and off on the comic and despite any issues I have with it, it doesn’t matter because for 1 person who wasn’t fond of it, there were 10 more who loved it. So I’ll say that it was a comic that I respected more than I liked, and I’m glad for your newfound success. I wish you good luck with your recovery and the appreciation that you made with others.
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I’ll say what I’ve said elsewhere: your background shading and restrained use of color were masterful—subtle reinforcing details to the story’s mood in any given panel.
If you’d wanted to continue, as I seem to recall you having some emptiness now that the story is over, perhaps Misty has a story. Unless you know it’s the story you want to write, I’d recommend against giving her a downer ending. Perhaps giving her a different struggle than anorexia may be healthier for you IRL, too.
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