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Way to go, boys and girls. You got a link to a donation drive taken down, proceeds that were going to help abused and injured horses as well as the comic industry, just because the money was coming from an art pack that featured Nazi imagery. Way to promote the value of charity.
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The clout goblins got upset their charitable efforts to pocket the money from YCH requests were trumped by a more solidified effort against manic censorship. When Marenheit comes back up it'll end up getting another tidal wave of donations just out of spite and public exposure.
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Well at least the payment is still done through PayPal, so it's not like the money was lost (and if PayPal starts cancelling people over this then we're truly fucked). Either way it's just a matter of re-hosting it elsewhere or accepting donations directly through PayPal or something.
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One of the biggest charity funds taken down by the 'right side'.

Absolutely disgusting.
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I held out hope that the Twitter crowd would be above this, that they would understand that charitable works would not be touched. I am wrong and I am livid.
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And now 4chan is vowing to donate and spread it even more.

You'd think these people would at least gained a concept of the Streisand effect by now with how many times this has happened, but they don't seem to comprehend it. Nor do they understand the irony that is preaching "tolerance and friendship" while trying to kick down one of the largest grossing charitable donations the fandom has ever made. Towards horse rescue for pete's sake. It's beyond petty. It's disgusting.
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I would like to remind people to remain calm and not fling insults, despite the badness of what's happened.

Also, it would be appreciated if the OP could be clarified on who is being talked to that did this; it might not even be anyone that uses Derpibooru that did it.
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This topic will get deleted anyways because it paints the admin's "allies" in a bad light but for anyone not in the loop:

To protest the censorship on Derpibooru, /mlp/ organized a completely pro-bono art pack, where it'd be pay what you want, and all the proceeds were going to 2 charities, a free speech organization, and a very accredited horse rehabilitation center (Days End Farm Rescue). Over 200 images were made, and some stories as well. The art pack raised a whopping 6.5K in the first night. Halfway through that night, it was decided that the remaining money would go to the horses. By the end of the first night, the free speech organization would get 1200 dollars, and the horse charity would get about 5000 dollars. Even if you don't support Aryanne, I see no reason why you'd be against helping horses live.

The pro-censorship side made their own charity, but it was hastily put together, and barely raised 10% of the anti-censorship charity.

About 30 minutes ago, the charity page was taken down by EJunkie, and the main organizer's account was suspended. It seems unlikely that a completely foreign party would try to get the charity canceled, and seems likely that someone was mad the charity was doing well, and spammed EJunkie to remove the main organizers account, which Ejunkie eventually did. Hopefully this gets sorted out, and we get to determine what exactly was the cause of it all.

But if it turns out the pro-censorship side did get the charity removed, that is a hilariously low blow. You're affecting actual, real-life, you-can-reach-out-and-touch horses. It is stunning that people would sink this low.
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You're right princess luna. It probably wasn't anybody who uses derpibooru, and it probably wasn't anybody who uses twitter. There is an equal chance that the channers did this to their own charity drive to get more publicity.
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I hope you know that THESE are the people you are trying to appease, Princess Luna.
They're willing to deprive neglected horsies of the aid they need just to feel like they've won.
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Great fucking Show Twitter. You have done it. Amazing, the horsies will now have a harder time getting help. Hitlers defeated.
Im so tired of this insanity. How can these monsters live with themselves? How do they fucking look in a mirror withouth poking their own eyes out?
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