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I can draw your oc

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Started by DrawAlaverr
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Hi everyone, I'll be brief.

I want to make drawings of my oc with some other oc that you want me to draw, the type of drawing that I had planned to do will be nsfw. Although if you want me to do a sfw drawing I can do it, in fact, I would love to hear some idea that you have in mind.

It will probably take me a while to finish the drawings, so I ask for some patience x3. If you are interested you can send me an reference of your oc and an idea about how you want me to make the drawing.
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Jean Thicc

Hey there, I just so accidentally stumble upon your forum post. If you wouldn't mind, would you draw my character, Khaki as shown down here?
Most preferably in the bunny suit. The other one is for proper reference

And idea? I give you artistic liberty. It can be even NSFW. ^ ^

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