I am in need of some advice from artists! please!

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Hai ponies, hehe!

I am asking for advice in hopes to be better and am trying to find more ways I can improve my artwork. A lot of practice over the years has been towards drawing ponies and their over-all shape. I have done shading and coloring before, but those works have been removed due to depressions I've been going through. As of recent I've been drawing props and backgrounds! I see much improvement with that as well as trying to draw different poses and getting more details in clothing too!

For a while I've had long struggles of keeping up my works up and sharing in places that I can. It's been hard for me, for a long time, due to over-all self improvement, understanding tips I've been given, and figuring out what I want do and how I want do it, for the past five years. I've been around deviantart, but don't see much light in it; as it's changed and hasn't really been a fun place to post my works.

The things I know I need to work on are:
- Take away all the smudges and sketch-marks.
- Needing to colour my artwork, while making sure there are no scribbles and such.
- Working on.. -Just even more towards third dimensions and improvements on posture
- Even more variety to the scenery in the background, and imrpovements on the shapes of props.
- Better shading and where the light comes from.
- And lastly, how clothes are placed, overlapped, creased, folded, swayed and moved around -etc.

^ For anyone who has experience with any of these listed, it would be great to hear what anyone suggests.

I've also been looking at references, using skeletons, measuring how long, short, big, and small, things are.

I love doing traditional works, but I am not seeing much feedback or praise for doing it. I see the same thing happening to other traditional artists… It's like it's lost touch with things nowadays.

I'll greatly appreciate it and I am willing to take any criticism, advice, or tips on what I can do. Maybe I can even get into doing digital artwork. Please let me know any thoughts you may have!

Stay cozi!~ :D

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Traditional art can get a lot of attention too, even in grayscale (see Ecmajor , Longinius ), and it's in fact a great way to get noticed (not many traditional artists around here), but as expected, the required level of skill and attention to detail and picture cleanness is quite high
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hi there
hi. i don`t usually upload my traditional arts anywhere, but when i did, i used advices from this video to make them look better → https://youtu.be/ynET0ZYAq_M
hope you find some tips in it informative.
also, if you`d like to try digital art, i can also suggest you trying to color your traditional drawings. here is video where this process shown → https://youtu.be/j9Ub_IdceF4
regarding your other points, i can tell you that becoming popular artist is a tricky stuff. popularity overall is more about being good in social media marketing, which involves choosing popular topics over your own preferences. if drawing your own ideas makes you happy, don`t rush for other people`s approvement. it will come itself eventually, but if not, that`s not necessarily bc you are bad in art. Van Gogh sold only few paintings in his lifetime, but after his death he is concidered as one of the greatest artists of his century. i think he was upset about his drawings not being recognized by people too. but it was his passion, and lack of praising and appretiation didn`t stop him from creating his paintings. so shall we all do, i think. just don`t validate yourself or your art based on likes/favs ratio.
i hope some of my advices will help you <3
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