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Your style looks great! I have this OC (gray one in the left middle of >>595575 , with the cup of tea - name’s Silver Needles, as in 白毫銀針 lmao), that maybe you would be interested to draw in some cute situation… Something light and simple, and only if you think you would have fun doing it, that I think is important for free requests ^u^
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Ready for G5
Here’s the description for them
Snowflake: she has beautiful snow-white skin, pale transparent wings, two large horns(similar to post-metamorphosis Thorax’s and Pharynx’s horns(icy-white color)), a blue mane, and sparkling light blue eyes
Dragonfire: Red body, yellow wings, and orange mane. His eyes are also orange, and his horns are also yellow.
Cosmic: Has a bright star-yellow body and horns, mane appearing like a galaxy, and wings like custom constellations. Eyes are like solar systems
Core: Body is colored like the rainbow, wings are a bright blue crossed with a medium purple, and mane is a pale green. Eyes and horns are crimson
Nexus: Body is dark blue crossed with dark orange, wings are a pale blue, and mane is bright violet. Eyes and horns are a mix of these colors
All of them have special customized horns, much different than normal changeling horns
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