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make that >>{number}t please (not p) everyone can see the pics just fine but it keeps the pages somewhat not superhuge.
Also, secret-pony currently featured, going to pick more from this thread in the future.

ALSO I really need to edit that first post some day to have that and pictures needing to be at least 24 hours old to be even considered. It's just sifting through all this, well, not really garbage, but having to sift through pictures that were, at the time of mentioned here, 2 hours old and already have 40 upvotes, and by now over 300 JUST ISN'T USEFUL.
Eh, I'll probably do it somewhere this week, I guess, maybe.
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So I had a thought, and I know it's completely crazy, but since we're in the middle of a world cup, how about some soccer/football features?

(13d 40p)

(6m 120p)

(10m 131p)

>>28596 (Has been featured)
(2y 32p — would be my pick)

(2x 62p)

(10m 66p)

Just a thought..
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