Could this art be one-sided Sparity?

Poll results: Could this picture be read as one-sided Sparity?

No, it is clearly mutual Sparity
100.00% 2 votes
Yes, it could be considered one-sided Sparity
0.00% 0 votes

Poll ended with 2 votes.


Weird and probably insignificant thing to start a thread over, but curiousity does what it wants, sometimes.

I was looking through old posts for nostalgia's sake, and came across this picture tagged with Sparity. Now, I have never really been into the whole Sparity thing as an explicitly romantic and intimate ship (without aging up, anyway), but as more Rarity having a platonic affection towards Spike despite him being in love with her (but still knowing about those feelings and humouring them sometimes in some ways); so back then, I faved this picture because that is how I viewed it and that is what I liked it as. When I look back on it, though, I'm not sure if it was really a reasonable interpretation or if I was just stupid to think it could be intended as anything but explicit, mutual attraction Sparity shipping. Therefore, I thought I'd ask the public at large to see what the consensus might be. What do you think, brony reading this?
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