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Music Producer
Hi guys, I don’t want to get too off-topic but I’m really new at all this pony stuff, I recently watched the series for a friend and I really like it. she’s been showing me animations and songs made by fans, and let me tell you that I’m really impressed by some works made by the community, specially music I loved some songs and that’s actually why I wanted to do this post.
Don’t see this post as spam or something but I’m a music producer and I want to make music inspired in those years (2010-2014), like dubstep, EDM and chiptune as an example.
I wanted to make this post so I can reach out another producers or just people that are interested in this project, people can help me with music stuff like vocals or just opinions.
I hope I’m not breaking any rule by making this post, and I hope people don’t see this post as something bad or offensive. Any suggestion I’ll be glad to read it.
Again, I’m really new at this.
(image of a song I’m making)
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