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Best Fans Forever - For supporting the site
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Did fluttershyfann80085 throw a hissy and have all their art deleted from here without also requesting a DNP on their artist tag? Good thing we have backup boorus now.
Two months later but I remember him commenting on one of the tutorials I shared; unfortunately, I think it was Mystic Drive’s and his stuff is also gone from here so I can’t check anymore :(
Posted Report
Background Pony #16D6
I talk to the FFan. He is fine and continues to make art on other boors. Ponybooru become his base now.
It turned out that he never removed his arts, he only put the DNP on HD 1080p+, but mod Ciaran just removed everything.
So I asked him to restore the old art for history and it seemed to work.
Although, I don’t think he’ll be back on derpi, he already has more work on other boorus and he probably won’t post them here.
As he said, the reason for leaving is. ”Mods are fucking retarded”
I can’t disagree with him.
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