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Cheerilee's Waifu
Honestly he just used it as an excuse to do what he wanted to do for a while, which was shed the brony fandom.

He wasn't even active when that drama hit. Nor had he ever been known to be a wokescold.


Not many of value.
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Pubilq Phirm
Now I’m curious of histograms for the following two statistics on artists who left the fandom 6ever:
1. Amount of art they made before leaving
2. Length between leaving 6ever and returning (including those who have not yet returned)
Background Pony #6611
The vast majority that left were artists with less than 10 images that either hadn't drawn anything since they switched from ponies to Steven Universe half a decade ago, or just made a few things with gmod or pony-creator.
Background Pony #45B4
A few Youtubers just stopped posting anything/went mia. Does anyone know what happened to DWK for example?
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Abandoned By Hope
So looks like DWK gave his pony channel a proper sendoff.

Basically detailing his trials and tribulations over his absence. Bottom line is, he's pretty much done with pony, but still has a desire to be a youtuber.
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