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Doxing and drama are probably the only reasons an artist would go all delete everything and disappear. Or because they got a real art job and doesn't want their boss to find out about their fetish art. Sure, you can delete the art you don't like, but in that case it'd just be the less than recent art.

I don't like my old drawings either, but I have chosen not to look at them.
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That makes up a pretty good amount of the reasons artists I have worked with asked for takedowns. Like, maybe a full third. It's why we created the "People Hiding Ponies (or Porn)" thing.
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Yea, that one hurts quite a bit for me. Their "Student of the Night" blog was one of the earliest things I followed when I got into MLP, but it sadly died right as the action began to take off (it seems).
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I've actually contacted him about this, they said it was over harassment they were recieving and that they'd reupload it once that's over. Hasn't happened yet.
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You don't have the right to decide anyone's artistic image.

If DaVinci wanted to burn all his stuff he's allowed to.

Fans don't always support the artist and even if they did the artist doesn't have to do anything unless an agreement is met.

Your entitlement is worth nothing, you might get someone to draw for you for 50$ and they'll give you a copy but they aren't going to host it unconditionally for you.

Artist will make art on whatever terms they wish. You don't get the rights to their work unless you buy those in explicit detail.
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You're welcome to see it like that.
I agree up to one certain point: when someone wants to delete something that they put out publicly from existence entirely, then it becomes a problem. Then it should be protected.
Especially the case for fandom art where it's part of fandom history.
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