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Peace to all
I am glad he is okay. Wasn't that big a fan but he was someone whose presence in the fandom and references to his work that him disappearing still had a effect on me. I'm glad he is still kicking.

Haven't watched the full vid, but
>300 hours
For a production like Totally Legit Recap, that is too much. Can't blame him quitting over that alone, not even going into the other the factors.

Oh, this is an old one, but someone who drew nice princesses: SigurdHosenfeld.

When I discover new nice art and I look for more from the same artist, I often discover that they weren't active anymore since many years. I can't help but wonder what they are doing now, if they are still alive, just lost interest or maybe return at some point.
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Preenhub - We all know what you were up to this evening~
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YT pushed a security update in 2017 for unlisted videos to ensure they couldn't be scraped by people that didn't have the link (ie. how people would find trailers for games or movies days early, but also private stuff meant to be shared with a few people only).

Now they want to force-hide all unlisted videos published before that fix so they can apply the fix to those too. People with unlisted videos affected by this fix will have to either list, or unhide them back to unlisted afterwards.
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@The Smiling Pony
Yes, things will be lost. Even when things ARE archived it's a big loss when the ORIGINAL thing is gone with its comment history and views and likes etc. Specifically for us: We WILL lose a part of pony history, which is sad.
Littleshy put it amazingly in the official Youtube video where they announced this
This change seems almost universally hated — at least by people who are aware of it.

Thanks for the info! (Anyone using Twitter here?)
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