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Jiwaku meng-pony
How we delete a drawing? xD I shared that and it’s very hated x)
If by deleting in DB, you could scroll down below the image, and you can see a report, click it. Click General Reporting, and chose the Takedown request. And wait till the mod checks them, so it will be deleted.
Or post in this forum, you could do the same thing, click the report.
An Artist Who Rocks - 100+ images under their artist tag
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reformation is the best
is just I read that Frankenstein’s monster ate meat once and later killed animals in order to feed his creator, I know is nice and all but I always saw him as a nice creature if he were giving a chance, I know he did bad things but i never read anything about that when I read certain parts of the story please i just want to know if it’s really true or is just nonsense like when I read that Frankenstein’s monster can regenerate? please vote I just want to know because I’m making a story and though is in the same world as a show i like that is populated by ponies (because why not) it should not matter but I want the good stuff that will happen to the characters that i have will always happen no matter if it’s pony or human, please if you could just vote on what is true and I find out how I can look for it if it’s true so I can read it if it’s not that will be very helpful.
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