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Rarity is my soul mate
Thanks ;w;

Yeah, possible, I know some people who thinks that too on discord x) but I've made that just for the lol x)))

But all my drawings with my OC have many dislikes (but sometimes, I've got likes later so x) ) and my theories is : "I can't have interactions with mlp characters" x)))
But I don't even have 2 shared drawings with my ponysona and Rarity, even if just romance, I'm so scared to have a little wave of haters ;w;

But for me, hmm I don't understand why they are so angry ;w; I saw every universe, every fanfic merged into a biggg omniverse (Thanks DC with Batman : Death Metal for learning me this word (it's a multiverse of multiverse xD)) and in my universe (we can call it for example Earth-584863 or Equestria-584863 xD) my ponysona exists and is in love with Rarity.
And if a other fanfic talks about Rarity, it's in another universe :c
I don't know if it's understandable :c

Sorry for the novel ><
Artist -

Rarity is my soul mate
yep, and I love redraw and colored, I like have a lot of colors in my drawings :o (even if there are so much transformation in DBS… ;w;)
And here, I can put red, blue and grey :)

And if some people hates my drawings; I don't care ;w;
If you want, sooner, I shared a board between Daydream Shimmer VS Midnight Sparkle inspried from the chapter 25 of DBS with Goku Super Saiyan Blue mastered VS Merged Zamasu
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Artist -

Rarity is my soul mate
I drawing on paper for a good reason personnaly, I'm too poor x) and I prefer paper anyway ;w;
Anyway, here the drawing ;w;
Sorry it's in French but I didn't know that I will share that on a brony website one day '
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Yeah, I stick to pencil and paper (and a fine line marker and colouring pencils) for the most part (I have engraved drinking glasses and used 40k models as a canvas in the past too).
I have my own reasons for sticking to traditional art.

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