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reformation is the best
this was for badumsquish but anyone can help

long comment this is part 1

hello, I'm planning my own land within Equestria with creatures of the night (such as vampires werewolf-like creatures, mummies, etc.) but my idea is that it starts in the woods and with magic, if you go far enough it transports you into a separate landscape somewhere outside of Equestria and I have a question; since your Equestria is called Paraquestria I wonder how did you come up with the name and how can I come up with my own kingdom name for the land as a whole?, I'll try to figure individual town names and flesh out the ones I already have I just want some advice, tips or something.

here is the kingdom, its residents, and its history just to give you an idea of what the kingdom consists of for the kingdom name


a vampire
a wolf pony (werewolf-like creature)
a witch (who is the pony at the bottoms girlfriend)
a pony who can transform into another pony who is another personality
a pony consisting of several body parts
a pony who can turn invisible (and his girlfriend)
a "phantom" from an opera( and his girlfriend)
a normal pony who brought some of them back to life (a genius) (and his family)

the kingdom has creatures living in separate towns of their own after migrating in order to have a better life and to stick together after a horrible event at a party because of monster hunters (creature hunters the creatures of the night call them)

end of part 1, I do not want to make such a long comment but I will make a journal on deviant art but I will try to keep hidden and only send the link here the spoiler rule still apply
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reformation is the best
IDK if I can send this with deviant art so here is part 2

the kingdom started in a recently abandoned town nearby an old house where the vampire leader and his friends live.

once they saw the town was completely abandoned the vampire leader got an idea to make the town belong to the creatures.

so after several years of building, normal pony looking creatures finding jobs, using magic to get materials, make them by scratch, and making glass crystals to make an invisible portal to a piece of land magically founded by witches in the south Luna bay so they can expand without the outside world knowing they exist (to some extent)

the entrance to the town is made up of trees magically grown overtime at a faster rate than normal, any pony going into the forest whatever that be in the front, sides back, or above will never see the town and will be transported back to the other side as if nothing happened.

.the residents living in this kingdom are:
.wolf ponies
.ghosts (creatures who have long since passed)
.swamp ponies (creature swamp ponies as normal ponies would call them)
.vampire hybrids (between normal pony and vampire)
.normal ponies who are descendants of one of the founders of the family of normal ponies who married vampires or wolf ponies but are considered honorary creatures
.mummies who are fully alive but are considered mummies due to the more traditional look

the main town (it's capital) I've named Ravenfair please tell me this is ok or not

the others are a work in progress but each town (now with expanded land has more space)

the one with the most types of town for one race are the wolfpony packs

they all came from the same pack but have separated to become their own so their history is that of tension (if encountered) due to territory for food and space because even though they live up to 300 years at some point 3 wolf ponies for each pair (depending on the individual) are born, and though they lived far apart they still have connections because of the family though any new wolf pony from another pack just passing through will cause this tension in fear of invention, of course, is shown as friendly the other packs can have good relations with the other.

but now that they have towns of their own they have borders but each can visit each other and perhaps find love too. though some wolf ponies prefer to live in the capital if they want to since is the place where ALL creatures can interact, live, trade, communicate and have fun.

(though they still don't want an invention of territory still)

there is another town that came from an abandoned one somewhat far from the main one is where the mummies and swamp ponies live, during the town's construction, they transform one side to be more swamp like while the other more dessert/grassland the transition part of both towns is an oasis.

every other town fits the likes and needs of each other creature like the changelings have their own land and the sea ponies have there's.

there are only two vampires and wolf ponies who live in a house with ghost outside of the town but have a special room to travel to the town without strangers following them

basically, the kingdom is contrary to another

I hope I made it clear enough in order to find the best name for it because I need help if any questions please ask

also some creatures have their own languages similar to ours on earth whatever the help with name places idk
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I have a proper background now,but since I'm limited to only 50 frames,it's still really short. I would have liked to linger a bit more on effects,and the text captioning.
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