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Dex Stewart
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On Derpi,there's a higklted word below the tags,"share",click that and you'll have a list of copy choices.
They don't have to be copied with the image icon.
As long as it's in Derpibooru,you can just post
Like that,but copying the link from something outside Derpi it depends on what you're using.
When I used a PC,I would highlight the share symbol and copy that,now in Mobile I have to open an image in a separate page a click the three vertical dots in the corner.theres a little"i" in a circle,I click that,and I get the link I need.
Hope this helps.
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applejack and me
dont know if i should come back to art or not, i did after all make a post saying id leave it a few months ago or something along those lines.
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