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reformation is the best
i need advice for my AU

since my AU takes place in Equestria but in a town that functions like their own state or country which it's residents are creatures of classic horror.

the town has:

a government that makes laws and makes sure the town and citizens are doing well
guards to protect it and it's residents
essential things like entertainment and hospitals

just anything a town needs in order to thrive

but what the town does not have is money, the reason is that they don't necessarily need it IN THEIR TOWN. i emphasize this because is strictly only their town that does not need it but they still have a bank to store money from their residents that work outside of the town so they can use it to buy new technologies and reverse engineer it or see what is good or bad about it and see if it will improve their lives.

the ones who go out and work are the ones who:

chack out new medicines
new technologies

they both research and write down so they can send it back to the town and also have new ways to help their ponies

the other work normal jobs and get paid as well as the other two I said before

they have tried the whole money system when they stared but after a decade there been complaints of not getting enough food because it was expensive, stress, stealing just bad stuff. then they tried it without money (thanks to the mummies) for a decade and it was better, even though they don't have money they still use a system where you have to go up to a "register" to show what you got and someone records it so they would know what gets out and when to re stock them so if anyone goes out with out going to the register is still considered stealing

by the time the town was finished building or jaut the nessasary tnings finished (yes they have to find regular jobs and use money to build the town while at some parts they just use the stuff they already have) they already have the technologies, knowledge and equipment to make certain things run faster, they also have farms for vegetables, fruit and meat

way of life:

there way of life is run by where they live which is a forest the tings they do are

hydo power for electricity
advanced meds for bigger ilneses or injerys
herbal natural meds for minor illness or injuries
majority of foods are healthy with only fried and unhealthy snaks being rare, treats or for special occations
water purification

the forest is HUGE so huge you can find everything that you need and have plants that help with electricity and water purification as well as jobs for plumbing , house building, landscaping and tree farming for wood they have schools too

they have small factories (which are small due to being strictly for the town only) to make toys, food, meds like pills or vitamins and other things for living

there is so much in the town but this is long enough all I ask is that is this a good idea for a town in my own story because I read that basically society can't function without money and I don't want to add money to the town because money makes people greedy, bad or homeless and I want this town to be free from that but still function with money when it comes to incorporating new technologys by buying a sample from the outside every 10 years
but they can make their own stuff with the technology they already have or already gotten from the outside before to make thing original to them

I mean you know Dinotopia they use to have money but now use a barter system

so if they can do it why not my story or AU huh? i just want to see what you think

p.s after reading the reason why dinotopia don't use coinage anymore my idea for the reason why the town in my AU does not use money is the following reasons

1: the effect money has on others: greed, theft, power hungry, expensive essential needs, homelessnes
and now i'm adding
2: needed to advoid dectection from normal ponies who are not from their town unless nessasary due to the threat of creature hunters

(which are hunters of vampires, werewolf (wolfponies in this case) or any other creature due to an event that happened that had lives lost and them knowing that they must stick together to avoid another incident like that)
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Artist -

reformation is the best
Something I like to write down. two things:

people are mad at discord yet in all, discord, was trying to help his friend as well as being a good friend, yes he did wrong aside from that I blame the awful writing granted that discord had more episodes

Discord would have more friendship lessons explained to him or taught to him through different scenarios like a whole episode dedicated to that.

Discord would do this without magic, also among the lessons he has experienced, discord would have learned two important ones, that if a friend needs backing they would want to come to you, and if your friend says they don't need help let them do their thing.

now the second thing

For the last episode, the grogar character is the real grogar.
The events of the frenemies episode still happened, including the ending is all the same. Instead of grogar thinking, they failed to get the bewitching Bell from the mountain, grogar KNOWS they have the bewitching Bell.

When the last episode arrives, chrysalis, tirek, and cozy glow made a plan to remove Grogar's magic both to conquer the ponies and grogar after his abusive behavior. When they went to get the Bell, it was gone!

grogar arrives from the darkness; it's shown he has the Bell immediately taking away their magic; for their plan of betrayal, he plans on destroying them, yet the three villains escaped.

Homeless, powerless and helpless our three villains start blaming on each other until one of them snaps them back and says working together got them into this mess maybe it can get them out, but they can't do it alone.

They all know what to do, no matter how they feel they must have Twilight's help.

The scene changes to Twilight, continuing her princess training when a letter comes telling her to go to the castle of the two sisters. That rarity needs her help with the fabric from there. Twilight goes off and finds the ruined castle empty she looks for rarity until she's in a dark hallway, she calls out to her friend but met with the doors closing behind and in from of her and the voices of chrysalis, tirek and cozy glow.

Twilight uses her magic as light and angrily asked where is rarity, the three villains said she is not here that they send that letter to talk to her in privacy when the three villains finally show themselves they explained everything.

Twilight hearing that they almost learned friendship and seeing they came to her for help at all made Twilight agree and understand their situation but still cautious.

When Twilight's friends came to Twilight's castle, they were surprised to see the three villans; they said that Twilight should be careful and that they will help her, yet Twilight stopped them and explained everything.

After some time panning, explaining, and learning friendship, the three villans, Twilight's and her friends, Celestia, luna, and discord, and even all of the friends they have made throughout the show came together to defeat grogar.

After a colossal battle similar to what we have seen in the episode grogar lost, the three villains show how friendship helped them defeat grogar even without magic and explained what friendship now means to them (which is more wholesome then power-hungry).

Grogar became imprisoned again.

Then something happened to chrysalis. Chrysalis started glowing white, the Bell rang, giving back cozy's and tirek's magic.

Chrysalis also yet while chrysalis was mid transforming when it's was finished via a blinding white light, chrysalis soon reviled to physically reformed similar to pharynx she kept her original coloring though, without holes, she also has gems on her chest.

The episode ends still with the time skip. The song extended to show chrysalis ruling her kingdom with the two changeling brothers, tirek being the boss of a popular gym and cozy becoming a philanthropist helping ponies in need, any ships (besides cheesepie) are left ambiguous.

the show ends with the book closing and a piece of slow music similar to this

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