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If I did as much artwork as I could in a single day, if they were relatively simple, I could probably get a dozen pictures done in a day.

Realistically I'd say 2-3 a week is about right, if you're feeling productive.

Meanwhile I'm just doing the odd doodle when I feel like it.

Just done a quick doodle of Rarity, after realising I've not drawn much of her at all. Outside of my crossover comic there's almost no drawings of her in my folders.
Her and Applejack. Might do a couple of AJ next.
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I broke out of my funk to make a meaningful art for my friend.

I've been letting YouTube take over my inner brain lately.

Instead of making it my goal to stop watching Youtube, I decided to get something done while I do it.
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I like how you draw sad, I want to draw more sad.

I could use more practice. I wish I could articulate what I already know. I know shadows change the color a bit because of the atmosphere, and I try to express refractive lighting with gradients around smooth curves.

Lately it's been becoming clear if I don't draw I'll go crazy. I'm not working or enrolled this semester, I'm trying to get a part time job or even some comission money.
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