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Shy gamer stallion
You don’t cuz you don’t wanna or you actually can’t? XD
If it’s the latter, when you look at the middle body, between pony and spider, what supposedly were meant as pony thighs, they look like testicles lol
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Can kinda relate. Drawing these days feels more of a chore than a pass time, so I’m drawing less than I was.
That said, I have a couple of pictures to get done (OCs), in the next few days so I’ll probably have something new up on here soon.
Background Pony #792F
Here’s OC number 22, Bethany Ellis. I had to digitally re-color her leg and face because the “jade green” colored pencil wasn’t bright enough to distinguish from the regular green on the rest of her body.
Also she’s an imp, so I’m not sure if I should (c) Nintendo on her species since she’s based on Midna.
And she’s the shortest, so rather than being between 5’0” and 7’0” like the rest of my OCs she’s now 3’0”.
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