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Enough of humanity
Me I’m a big fan of DC Comics and even the series DC that I think there are much better than DCEU but cheap because Warner refuse to give money to CW for producing these series ;w;
And for MLP Comic, I’m a bit angry XD The last chapter make me force to make a retcon with my OC Story ;w;
And for not being off topic, a drawing ;w; That takes me 10 days ;w;
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extra fun at parties
Lol that’s even more. Here’s an updated version.
https://imgur.com/4pLPGYW (suggestive again)
…the shoulder joint should be closer to the wing’s. Both a little more to the right and a little higher.
Yeah I can see that, the top of the back is quite wide for a pony. I’ll assume that by “right and a little higher” you mean towards the top of the withers/nape of the neck. I’m not totally happy with how it makes the butt look even bigger, but let’s face it, the butt is exaggerated in any case. And the neck definitely looks more elegant with the change.
… all curves, even the tail bow’s corners are a little smoothed over. But then there’s this sharp, hard angle that looks like it’s been done with a set square sticking out of her chest.
Made me bonk myself in the head lol. It really is visually very different.
Only thing left I can think about is her ponytail.
Yes the symmetry is a bit off, but that’s the nature of ponytails, and I’m done tweaking it. It will canonically be a ponytail that flops to the side because fittingly, the maker is quite new to ponytail making.
I weighed my thoughts on it, and although the large highlight all along the upper curve of the wing could be motivated, I would have to change everything else to fit such a broad glare. So I ended up changing the wing highlights to just small glared at the wing’s shoulder, and to narrow highlights along feather edges and quills.
You’ve been awfully helpful, and I owe you a big old thank you because this has given me a lot of energy and motivation to work on my other WIPs as well. If it’s not too much trouble, I definitely wouldn’t mind asking you again when and if I hit another wall.
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simpler is happier
Sorry for calling him a mare.
I still feel the shoulder could be better but I can’t put how in words. Might have a go at this pose myself one day, because I’m curious about the curve of the body without the wings in the way. Good improvement on those too.
As for the butt’s size, I was only picturing the belly’s curve under the wings last time. Now that I’m picturing the butt’s as well… Yeah, might be a little big. But again, wings in the way, hard to know for sure.
And yeah, you’d have to actually go and ask me for help, because I barely look at this thread. I only found your post by pure chance. Glad to know I helped with your motivation, that’s one of the hardest things to keep going.
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