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But you pulled it off real nice-like.

I can critique your linework and coloring. Frankly, it's kinda sloppy.

With digital you can easily clean your lines and use rulers or tools to make smooth curves. Might wanna work on creating cleaner lines.

I notice that you sometimes color over the line or you leave corners uncolored. It looks inconsistent. To be fair, it doesn't look noticeable zoomed out. So I was being nitpicky.

That's it, really.
Artist -

reformation is the best
hello, i need advice does this look good so far because i been trying to improve but i want it to be more accurate to the show but with lighting and shadows but i want to ask

how can i make the buildings looks better, what should i add, what should i do so it can have good detail with out going overboard

any ideas?
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