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An Artist Who Rocks - 100+ images under their artist tag
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Unlimited rice pudding
Though I was actually thinking her hair would be made of optical fibers. Would that be too much?
Umm… that’s a cool idea tbh, but I’m not sure it would fit the aesthetic of the rest of her. But it’s your call.
Takengrin Endmmar: Taken God King of Fear
Friendship, Art, and Magic (2019) - Celebrated Derpibooru's seventh year anniversary with friends
An Artist Who Rocks - 100+ images under their artist tag
Friendship, Art, and Magic (2018) - Celebrated Derpibooru's six year anniversary with friends.
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Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

Reasonable trolling
Arcinaroar, or Arcavenger: the antagonist rival of Pokémon Void and Siva of the Post Game, now the main antagonist to the main story of Pokémon Insectoid Vex, is the final Villain boss of Pokémon Insectoid Vex. Ever since the times you’ve encountered Arcavenger in Pokémon Insectoid Vex, Arcavenger has become more insane and enraged by the multiple times he’s lost. Soon becoming insane to where he fused himself with a pokémon to become not a Fusionmon (Villainmon), but the first Marsupiamon: A human that has fused attributes of Pokémon that’ve been fused with it.
Arcinaroar is a Fusion of Arcavenger and Incineroar, and you can definitely see that in the battle against him. His idle animations include that of Incineroar’s and you can see him twitching while in battle.  
Arcinaroar’s battle is going to be the hardest to say with after Acurus’ battle back in Pokémon Void and SIVA in the post game. His pokémon have moves that contain those that’re stab and have abilities that can make the battle difficult. He can also heal his pokémon with full restores and even have a chance to use Max Revives.
Ability:Fire Breather;The user’s own heat is scorching hot, making it hot enough to deal super effective damage against Rock, Ground, and extremely effective Against steel types. Able to boil some Water Types.  
Trop Kick  
Flare Blitz  
Forest Firestorm;Pow:250;PP 5;Acc 100;The user unleashes vines of scorching flames. Does both Grass and Fire type damage.  
Fire Lash  
Item: Charcoal
Ability:Impervious Skin;The user has extremely tough dragon scales that make it immune to Dragon and Fairy types. Also not allowing decreasing effects  
Hydro Pump  
Clanging Scales  
Draco Shout:Pow-;Acc 100;PP 10;The user shouts with the roar of dragons, lowering the target’s defenses drastically.  
Item:Dragon Tooth
Ability:Lively Spirit;The user is immuned to Ghost types and Fairy types. And using moves such as Thrash gain power depending on how many turns It’s active. Confusion less likely to cause.  
Ghost Ora:Pow:120;PP 10;Acc 100;The user attacks the target with a blur of ghostly fists, can cause confusion to the user  
Spectral Thief  
Item:Spooky Plate
Ability:All-Terrain;The user gains 2x the power of adjacent hitting moves.  
Sludge Wave  
Gigaquake:Pow:200;Acc100; PP 10;The user unleashes an Earthquake of massive power  
Item:Muscle Band
Ability:Gigavolt Drive;The user has an extremely high voltage flowing through its body, making it immune to electric attacks and ground attacks and able to damage ground types. Doesn’t effect stats being lowered.  
Volt Tackle  
Close Combat  
Brutal Tear:Pow:280;Acc 100; PP 10;The user strikes the target with a energy slash as if using a knife or blade. Drastically lowering defense.  
Item:Expert Belt
Ability:Pounder;The user’s hammer moves and moves such as Play rough do more damage if used constantly. The more the user’s stats are lowered, those stats are raised Sharply  
Play Rough  
Dragon Hammer  
Hammer Arm  
Shadow Hammer:200;Acc 100; PP 10;The User strikes the target with a hammer of blistering spirits. Lowers the user’s attack and defense  
Item:Expert Belt
What’d y’all think?  
P.S. yes, it’s supposed to be OP and broken asf, why do you think I said earlier Arcavenger is tired of losing?
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Finally got my butt in gear and did two of my long overdue requests.


One more and I’m straight with my requests backlog.
Current mood?
Pretty much sums up how I feel today.
Takengrin Endmmar: Taken God King of Fear
Friendship, Art, and Magic (2019) - Celebrated Derpibooru's seventh year anniversary with friends
An Artist Who Rocks - 100+ images under their artist tag
Friendship, Art, and Magic (2018) - Celebrated Derpibooru's six year anniversary with friends.
Artist -
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

Reasonable trolling
Hidden Grottos are going to return in Pokémon Fused Sword & Shield!  
If you haven’t played Pokemon Black 2 or White 2, Hidden Grottos are areas in those games that can be accessed by finding 2 connected trees that a text icon will pop up telling you if you want to crawl in. In the Hidden Grottos you can get either Pokémon, Items or Hidden Items. However, the Pokémon that you can get from the Hidden Grottos had Hidden abilities that you could get by regeneration of the said Pokémon, Item or Hidden items. Which is 256 steps to have it possibly regenerate by 5%. You can increase this percentage by buying Power Passages that would increase this percentage by how much a specific area will regenerate.
In Pokémon Fused Sword & Shield however, the Hidden Grottos tie into the story of the Fusionmon’s taking over the Galar Region. As within the Hidden Grottos their will be Fusionmon that haven’t been influenced by any of the Fusionmon that’re evil, and are considered wild pokémon. Also, just like with Hidden Grottos before, some of the Fusionmon will have hidden abilities of the Pokémon they’re fused with. Down below are just a few of the Fusionmon you can catch and see evolve. Going to be heavily inspired by the Pokémon Fusion Generator 2 on Patreon by Tepeal.
Completing the main story will also unlock Hidden Grottos that can only be accessed by completing the main story and have within them Fusionmon Legendaries. With although some of them being Fusionmon that’re Legendary and Legendary, there are some legendary Fusionmon of Legendary and Normal Pokémon. And yes, you can also see these ones evolve as well.
There will be also different types of Grottos that’re placed throughout the Galar Region:For e.g. a cold, Icey cave hidden Inside an Icey glacier, A poisonous and thorny Vine and branched covered one, and one that’ll be surrounded by fallen trees, logs, and branches. Each with their own temperatures and climates that’ll effect the way Fusionmon behave in the Amie as well. For example if you bring a Fusionmon that was in a cold Icey Hidden Grotto and bring it to an warm, humid area they won’t necessarily like it and will start getting sweaty by the humidity. Works the same visa versa, if you bring one from a humid/warm area or Hidden Grotto and bring it to a naturally cold area they’ll start to shiver and try to cuddle up Against the player in the Amie.
Items include not only potions but also some Pokemon related items such as move powering items, leveling and sellable items such as Nuggets, Rare Candies and Stardust, and very rarely Elemental Plates.
There are even some side tasks during the main story and post game that’ll ask to search for them a specific Fusionmon or item in the Hidden Grottos for completion. But have no worry though, there’s no requirements for regeneration in the Hidden Grottos this time. However, the Fusionmon within the Hidden Grottos are hiding in both the grasses, cracks and longs in the Grottos. Not only do you get potions, holdable items and such from completing these side tasks, you also get a chance to get an evolution item as well.
More new or returning features coming to Pokémon Fused Sword & Shield with Fusionmon that’ll help you along your journey to take back the Galar Region from the evil Villainmon!
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