Are there any free artists on the site anymore?

Background Pony #7046
Hey, I was wondering if you could create my OC.
I know that this isn’t exactly a request thread, but here’s the information

The pony has a Crystal appearance, and had one pink wing, one purple wing, red mane, orange tail, and had both mane and tail with a blue and a violet stripe through them

And I would like it to be a Alicorn teenager
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@Background Pony #7046
OK, I will start working on it. There is still a few questions I have to ask though.

Do you have a particul pose in mind? Or would just normal standing be OK?

Also, could you please tell me the exact colours? If you could provide Colour Codes, it would be highly appreciated.
Background Pony #7046
I would like to have her flying with her back away from us and with her eyes open. Also, if it’s possible, could you please put the sunset behind her?

As for the colors, you decide.
Background Pony #7046
After you are done with this request, then I have a second request.
Do you want me to give you the description now, or wait until after you finish my first request?
Background Pony #6BC3
Okay. Here’s the description
Green eyes, ocean-blue coat, jungle-green mane and tail with sandy-yellow stripes, and a compass over a pickax and a shovel on a map for a cutie mark

Also, do you know anyone that is good at creating fanfiction cover images?
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