Alright, what did I do wrong?


I promise I'm not here to complain. I realize I'm not much of an artist and I'm trying to get better. But out of seven images I've posted so far none were such a spectacular fail as this one.

Now I realize that MS Paint images are going to be at a disadvantage but I'm trying to do the best I can. It's easier for me to work with individual pixels because I just don't have the steady hand that traditional art requires. So please don't respond that it was bad because I made it in Paint. None of my other ones fared this poorly.

But, as bad as this one did, there must be something pretty obvious that is bad. But when you work on something for a few hours and get used to seeing it you miss what's right in front of your nose.

So give it to me straight. What am I not seeing?

Constructive feedback only please.

Image Here
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I'll just put the comment I left on your image here:
If you're basing Dash off of that soccer player, here are some tips. I'm not an artist but I can see these things:

Her chin needs to be longer since you stopped too short and it needs to look more like an oval.

Dash's breasts need to be more pronounced in contrast to her torso. Or Dash's torso needs to be less broad and look skinnier to make her have a more female physique.

Dash's right arm needs work. It needs to look like it's going behind Rainbow's torso because right now it makes her right arm look too small.

The most important thing to ask is, how can I make Rainbow look more like that soccer player in that picture. I can see that this Rainbow has potential but you need to improve the proportions to bring out her more feminine figure even if your Rainbow Dash does have breasts and some curves already.

I hope this helps.

@pixel If that's all there is to it that's kind of a relief since I was thinking there must be some obvious flaw that I was missing, but at the same time terribly disappointing that people can't see past their prejudices.

@Cosmas-the-Explorer That is actually very helpful, thank you.

When you say "right arm" I guess you mean the viewer's right, Dash's left, since that's the one that looks too short. I could make it look like it's going behind her but in the actual photo Hope is holding it in front, and it's the angle that makes it look short. Maybe if I get better at shading in these images I can convey that better.

I really did struggle with trying to make her physique look feminine, you should have seen my first attempt, her shoulders were far too broad so she really did just look like a dude with boobs.

Anyway, thanks again for the feedback!

Well my "improved" version didn't really do any better in the popularity contest. I thought I gave it a good go but, as they say, haters goin' hate. But I think it's pretty decent now, and some other folks did too, so whatever.

I'm going to move away from humanizations for a bit. I've started something that's going to be a bit of a project but I think it will be pretty epic when it's done, as MS Paint doodles go anyway. (Hint: It involves ponies.)
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