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Started by Argos09
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I am a 3D artists but i see that most 3D artists around here use the SFM models, some have a nice quality, others no that much, but for me, you think its worthy try making 3D art without those SFM models, but making my own? or it would be better if i just use them as most 3D artists around here?
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If you can use something other than SFM then by all means do it
The models aside SFM is running on a ten or so years old engine and is slow as fuck when rendering stuff.
That alone is reason enough to not bother getting into SMF IF YOU ALREADY KNOW something else
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@Background Pony #62C8
i dont have much knowing of SFM program but most about the models themself.
the problem i see is that the pony head mostly has the same form and shape. the ears are plane simple. the noseholes are still painted and the mane with the toony texture doesnt match always with the 3D.
i dont see much discution about these topics among the artists. i would like to know their opinion about it.
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If you are referring to pony models. They have been constantly updated over the years to be a lot better in quality. Most are based on textures so that could explain the painted on nostrils. There has been a newest release I think came out over the last few months?

Also if you're looking for 3d modeling programs. I myself use SFM cause I am already familiar with it, but if you want something more better in quality, blender is your other popular choice.
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