2022 Derpibooru Community Collab

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PM me your cute OCs

Hello everyone! As we reach the end of 2021, it’s time to begin our annual massive art collaboration project! I know some people have been asking about this, or getting excited to the point where they’ve already submitted their character over a month early (looking at you, Bolt). So without further ado:
The 2022 Derpibooru Community Collaboration Project has begun!

What is the Derpibooru Community Collab?

The Derpibooru Community Collab is an annual event on Derpibooru where hundreds of artists and fans gather to create a massive group photograph showing off all the original characters of the Derpibooru community and beyond. The event is open to everyone, regardless of if you’re an artist, a member of the site, or just someone who has an OC they want to show off.
For example, here is the 2021 Community Collab, featuring over 1500 characters and drawn by over 600 artists:

How do I get my OC in the photo?

It’s simple! Just upload (or commission and have the artist upload) a picture of of your OC posing for the metaphorical camera, and then add the 2022 community collab tag to it. That’s all there is to it! As long as your submission meets the rules and guidelines below and has the tag, it’ll be added to the image.
It is very important that you add the 2022 community collab tag to your image. If the tag is not on your submission, then it will not be included.

When are submissions due?

The deadline is Monday, January 3rd, at 23:59 Pacific Standard Time (GMT -8).


  1. All submissions must be rated “safe” and may not have any tags that would be hidden or spoilered by the Default Filter.
  2. All digital art submissions must be either a PNG or SVG file that has a transparent background. Traditional art submissions are an exception this this rule, but editing out the background and saving it as a PNG would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Any 2D art style is welcome. 3D style art (such as SFM or Blender) is unfortunately not acceptable for this event.
  4. Images of a pony sitting or standing on all fours should be a minimum of 800px in height, head-to-hoof. 1200px is preferred. Images of ponies standing on their hind legs or in an unusual pose should be proportional. Note that this refers to the resolution of the character itself - not the canvas.
  5. Characters should be original art – images created using a “pony generator” or puppet are not allowed.
  6. Only original characters may be submitted. However, they can be holding plushies of canon characters.
  7. Characters should be a normal-sized show-canon species (pony, griffon, etc). Original species are welcome, so long as they’re in a believable show-style appearance.
  8. Characters should be in a feral style - anthro, semi-anthro, humanized, and EqG style characters are not allowed.
  9. Due to the space they consume, adult dragons, sea-serpants, and other large species are not allowed.
  10. Anthropomorphic canon species (such as abyssinians and diamond dogs) are allowed as long as they reasonably match the canon style. Hybrid characters, or ones that depart too far from the canon style, are not allowed.
  11. Characters should have a believable, canon-esque appearance (no insane clothing, large accessories, etc).
  12. Characters should be posing for the camera and not doing anything too overly insane (but having some fun is allowed).
  13. Winged characters should be standing/sitting on the ground. Please do not draw a character flying unless you have been giving permission first. See below for more information about having a character flying in the image.
  14. If you own multiple OCs, you may submit up to two of them. This rule applies to who owns the OC, not necessary who drew it.
  15. Submissions may not have any watermark or signature that obstructs the image.
  16. Characters should not be offensive in design, likely to cause controversy, be created with the intent to troll, be commonly associated with controversial themes, or otherwise have a negative impact on the final image.
  17. Due to the nature of this project, all submissions to the collaboration are considered immune to DNPs and takedown requests. If you’re submitting an OC drawn by someone else, please be sure to verify that this is alright with the artist first. Likewise, if you are submitting an OC owned by someone else, please ensure they are ok with it (and not already drawing/having someone else draw their character).
  18. Characters should be drawn completely from head-to-hoof. Please do not crop the image, or create an image that it cut off at the waist, legs, etc.
  19. OCs belonging to people who have been permanently banned from Derpibooru (especially multiple times) are not accepted.



The goal of this collab is to allow everyone to show off their current character designs and abilities as an artist. Therefore, please submit some newer artwork – either something drawn within the past few months, or even better, create a brand new image for the collab! We won’t say “no” to an older image, as we understand that not everyone has time and we want as many people as possible to be involved, but please do not resubmit an image that was already in a previous collaboration.


There’s no specific theme to the collab. However, since the previous two collabs have been against Autumn and Winter backgrounds, I feel like it’s time for something warmer also I’m winging this because I was playing beat saber instead of planning the collab last night.
This year’s collab will be set against a beach background, so if you’d like to draw your character dressed for some summer fun, feel free to! As always, this is completely optional. And remember, the collabs are rated “safe”, so please keep things rated G or PG.


Since characters should be facing the camera, it’s preferable that they either be looking straight towards the viewer (portrait view) or at an angle (3/4ths view), as shown in the below examples. Although allowed, it’s discouraged to submit characters that are looking/facing straight to the side (profile view), as those are harder to place within the image, and likely will be pushed towards the sides of the image.

Clothing and Accessories

Accessories and clothing are always allowed and welcome, but due to how crowded the picture will likely be, things may be covered up as well. It’s recommended that any accessories be held close to the character’s head, as shown in the examples below.

Group Photos

If you’d like to submit a photo featuring multiple characters (such as your OC with a friend), that is completely welcome! But again, due to how crowded the image will be, please keep the characters close together and don’t have any large gaps between them. Likewise, if you and your friends are submitting multiple “solo” images that you would like grouped together, please just post such a request in this thread, linking all the images, and we’ll see what we can do!
It is strongly preferred that group photos are submitted as a single image. If you need to submit multiple images that you would like grouped together, you must post such a request in this thread.

Non-Canon Species

Flying Characters

Generally, all characters in the image will be standing/sitting on the ground. However, we typically have a few flying OCs in the air so that there is no empty space above the main group. These characters are a subject to quality control, and their owners are strictly encouraged to make their submissions as interesting as possible without going too extravagant. As such, group submissions for flying characters will get priority in our selection process, as well as applications which feature the most interesting idea(s) for the pose/activity.
These applications are NOT first-come-first-serve, you can submit them at any time and have equal chances as those who submit on day 1.
The deadline for requests is December 3rd.

But I can’t draw!

One of the great things about this community is that there is always someone willing to help! Every year, we have a help thread where artists can offer help to people needing artwork, and where people needing artwork can find artists.

Questions and answers

Q: How do I submit an OC to this project?
A: Just upload it to Derpibooru, and add the 2022 community collab tag. That’s all there is to it!
Q: I’m not an artist/I can’t draw my OC. Does that mean I’m excluded?
A: Not at all, if you’re part of Derpibooru’s community, or the MLP fandom in general, you’re welcome to include your OC in the project, even if the picture was drawn by someone else!
Q: Can a submission have multiple OCs?
A: Of course! If you would like to submit one image that contains multiple OCs, that is completely welcome! Though it is highly recommended you check with the owners/creators of the other OCs first before doing so.
Q: I hate those rules! My OC/image doesn’t meet them!
A: If the image you want to submit doesn’t fall within the rules for the collab, or would like an exception made, or anything like that, just ask and we’ll can see if we can work something out.
Q: My friend and I are both submitting images, can our characters be placed next to each other?
A: It is prefered that group submissions be submitted in a single image. However, if you need to upload two or more images and wish to have them placed next to each other, you must post in this thread with links to those images. Make sure I reply and acknowledge your request too (I may miss a post or two occasionally). Do not post such requests in the descriptions of images, as they will not be seen there.
Q: If I submit an image of my OC, is it guaranteed to get included in the image?
A: We will try to include as many submissions as possible. However, some submissions may be rejected, including ones that:
→ Are particularly low quality
→ Appear to be made as a trolling attempt
→ Are overly obtrusive (large accessories, action poses that take up a ton of room, etc)
→ Are made using Pony Creator or any other form of image generator
→ Appear too far removed from the MLP universe (Dinosaur OCs, etc)
→ Are otherwise against the above mentioned rules
Q: Will there be badges for this event?
A: Probably. Every year there’s been a badge for anyone who’s character was in the collab, and another badge for anyone who drew someone else’s character for the collab. I retired from staff last year, so I have nothing to do with badges anymore and can’t speak on behalf of the staff, so I can’t promise badges, but I imagine there will be badges.
Q: When will the group photo be posted?
A: When I finish it. I wish I could give you a more direct answer, but it depends on how many submissions there are and how busy I am. It’ll be announced heavily once it is posted though.
Q: I’m not an active member on Derpibooru, can I still participate?
A: Sure!
Q: Do submissions have to be vectors?
A: Not at all! Most submissions are not vectors, in fact. Any form of 2D visual art is welcome, including vectors, digital drawings, and traditional drawings!
Q: I have another question!
A: Just ask! Preferably in this thread instead of PM. Definitely not on Discord.
And that’s about it for this post. If you have any questions or comments, just post here…. Otherwise here’s something cute that has absolutely nothing to do with any of the above:
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Converting Vegetarians
I’ll try to get mine in asap as I don’t like cutting it close towards the deadline.
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Not sure if I’ll go through with this, but out of curiosity, would it be a problem to include a breezie character alongside a submission for another character, similar to how people give characters plushies? Both characters in this case would be my own.
Also, any deadlines for the flying slots? Again, not sure if I’ll apply for it.
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Crystal Roseluck - Had their OC in the 2023 Derpibooru Collab.

Got aquick question
i wantto include two of my own ocs, but i also have two ocs that are like the “mascot” for a discord server i made and i want to include both of my discord mascots too
would that be allowed? Since the 2 discord ocs were a group effort made by my server
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