2022 Derpibooru Community Collab

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I’m fine with my part-monster OC’s (Strawberry Cocoa (female, male; their designs are otherwise identical apart from the obvious), Purple Trail (her monster power is 1.5x strength of an average Earth pony stallion and it’s non-visual, so that’s gonna be harder to implement if one wants), Watercolor (optionally any of her individual feathers could be in a dark color to indicate she’s at least partially activated her monster power)) being used, no need to ask. All of them average-sized but anything is fine by me.
Would love to participate if someone can draw any of my 3 OC’s of the artist’s choice :D Female, male, foal, adult, all fine by me.
Optionally with anyone in my safe favs. Some of my fav OC’s:
  • oc:winter azure
  • Luna/Artemis
  • oc:solar comet (pony form)
  • oc:apogee
  • oc:littlepip
  • oc:heroic armour
  • oc:blackjack
  • oc:swift dawn
  • Rumble
  • Button Mash
  • Vinyl Scratch
  • oc:karoline skies
Won’t mind paying, but ATM (until 3rd-7th day next month at max) I’m in no position to.
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Extremely indecisive!
Q: I have another question!
A: Just ask! Preferably in this thread instead of PM. Definitely not on Discord.
When I was reading this forum post about the collab itself, I was wondering if my idea of drawing Fluffle Puff holding a little plushie of Queen Chrysalis can be acceptable?
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i mean i checked and AFAIK Fasticorn wasn’t involved in any of the previous collabs XD
i mean if it wasn’t for Faust we wouldn’t have had FIM, and if we didn’t have FIM we wouldn’t have had this site, it’s the least we could do XD
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