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Lincoln Brewster time

Another one, done for [superdude2075](/profiles/superdude2075).

%^Also, hHe hasn't confirmed or not, buhat I believe his phoenix is a special type of [balefire phoenix](/tags/balefire+phoenix). He specifically said it had more of a skunk tail, however, so I added the [skunkstripe balefire phoenix](/tags/skunkstripe+balefire+phoenix). Therefore, maybe [skunkstripe balefire phoenix](/tags/skunkstripe+balefire+phoenix) could be set to imply [balefire phoenix](/tags/balefire+phoenix) (but not fallout equestria, since I don't believe his phoenix is in the FO:E universe). I know this should be done in the species thread, but since it's related only to this image so far, I wanted to mention it in connection therewith.^%
Reason: Got artist's confirmation. :)