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10th Anniversary Art Event

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This is where it gets tricky because like SFM for example you just paste in a model and choose a premade map and just save a screenshot bam, really no original content
And SFM is allowed
Here you put together a bunch of elements to make something original

Eh, idk
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Same I haven't received my badge yet but I posted it before the deadline…which is one thing I do not get and the second thing I do not get is that… It is relevant bc its a MLP-Based Ponysona carrying a 10 Years/Yrs sign on its back, to represent its anniversary which is the second thing I do not get…Unless I was accidentally left out then…It also is my own digital-drawn artwork too… I was waiting really patiently for a badge but still never received one…which idk if I can say upset me? but it did backstab me a little bc I was having high-hopes in getting some type of badge for contributing before the official deadline date… I will admit I didn't rly know what to do and didn't have much time to plan out since I didn't find out about the due date was like three/two weeks away and with how college/uni is for me atm my time is very limited so I took the opportunity as quick and as early as I could… but if isn't valid for a badge, I am curious to know why? and I can understand if it was a misunderstanding.

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If you had posted that before October 17th, it'd be valid, but even the sketch was posted after that, and since it doesn't fit the prompt, it didn't get the badge.
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