The Do-Not-Post (DNP) List



This is a list of artists who have asked us to place a restriction on the uploading of their artwork. These restructions can include anything from requesting that no edits of their work be allowed, to requesting that no uploads be allowed unless uploaded by the artists themselves.

We ask that you please respect the wishes of artists in regards to their artworks, and check the list before uploading. Note that just because an artist is not listed may not mean that their artwork is ok to post, especially if they have a note at their "source" that they do not wish for their artwork to be reposted.

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The List

artist:yzaicreates0Artist Upload OnlyMore Info
artist:z0rdic0Artist Upload OnlyMore Info
artist:zalakir189Artist Upload OnlyMore Info
artist:zapplebow76No EditsNo explicit editsMore Info
artist:zenaquaria0Artist Upload OnlyI do not want my artwork uploaded here at all.More Info
artist:zharkaer81No EditsMore Info
artist:zippysqrl405With Permission OnlyNo uploads without permission. This includes edits.More Info
artist:zizka-von-mikser1Artist Upload OnlyMore Info
artist:zmei-kira32No EditsMore Info
artist:zoruaofepic0Artist Upload OnlyNo one has permission to upload my art. Also, delete everything.More Info
artist:zoviav0Artist Upload OnlyMore Info
artist:zutcha356No EditsMore Info
artist:zutheskunk187Artist Upload OnlyImages should be submitted under permission, unless done so by the commissioner.More Info
artist:zutheskunk187OtherEdits are allowed, but they should go under the "artist:zutheskunk edits" tag.More Info
artist:zwitterkitsune711Artist Upload OnlyMore Info
artist:徐詩珮9051OtherMy rules:
Use my artwork (please ask me)
You can use my vectors (it's free)
You can upload in Derpibooru
More Info