The Do-Not-Post (DNP) List



This is a list of artists who have asked us to place a restriction on the uploading of their artwork. These restructions can include anything from requesting that no edits of their work be allowed, to requesting that no uploads be allowed unless uploaded by the artists themselves.

We ask that you please respect the wishes of artists in regards to their artworks, and check the list before uploading. Note that just because an artist is not listed may not mean that their artwork is ok to post, especially if they have a note at their "source" that they do not wish for their artwork to be reposted.

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The List

artist:aire-draws0Artist Upload OnlyMore Info
artist:ajue0Artist Upload OnlyMore Info
artist:akuneanekokuro20Artist Upload OnlyMore Info
artist:al1-ce115Certain Type/Location OnlyMore Info
artist:alasou0Artist Upload OnlyI don't want any of my art being associated with this website and to have all traces of it removed or uploaded in the futureMore Info
artist:aliceg0OtherRemove all my artwork, no one has my permission to post hereMore Info
artist:alignac0Artist Upload OnlyMore Info
artist:allyclaw0Artist Upload OnlyUploading any content created by this artist is not permittedMore Info
artist:alope ruby aspendale0Artist Upload OnlyRemove all of my artwork from the site please.More Info
artist:a-lunar-eclipse0Artist Upload OnlyUploading any content created by this artist is not permittedMore Info
artist:amaichix281Artist Upload OnlyMore Info
artist:amarynceus1Artist Upload OnlyI do not want ANY OF MY ARTWORK, either in original or edited form, appearing on derpibooru.More Info
artist:amethystdust26Artist Upload OnlyMore Info
artist:amnestie0Artist Upload OnlyNo one has permission to upload my art under any circumstance.More Info
artist:amphoera256OtherDo not upload anything from this artist that is 1) rated suggestive, questionable, or explicit and 2) made before 2018More Info
artist:amrasfelagund0Artist Upload OnlyDo Not Post under ANY conditionMore Info
artist:amura-of-jupiter220Artist Upload OnlyMore Info
artist:andrewtrm6Artist Upload OnlyUploading any content created by this artist is not permittedMore Info
artist:andridash21Artist Upload OnlyMore Info
artist:anearbyanimal551OtherAnyone may post sketches, but only the artist may post complete/finished imagesMore Info
artist:angelbeat-drift38Artist Upload OnlyMore Info
artist:angrylittlerodent97With Permission OnlyMore Info
artist:angstfish0Artist Upload OnlyRemove all my art.More Info
artist:anibaruthecat957OtherDo not post anything from Patreon page, once is available on my inkbunny, or tumblr feel free to post anywhere.More Info
artist:animechips0Artist Upload OnlyMore Info