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You laugh, you lose.

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Also not funny.
Not really, no.

Jokes (or attempts at them) aside though, original Game Boy was pretty darn great. And fun fact, today (04/21/2019) marks it's 30th anniversary.
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@Background Pony #8A8B
GBC was better. :>
"… LIES."

But seriously though, color was a good one too. I am willing to admit I have some bias for the original as it was the first portable game console I ever owned, and I loved it wholeheartedly. I even still have it. And it works too. You definitely have to appreciate the durability of those things.
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Personally I find the GB horibbly ugly and uncomfortable, but hey.
Fair enough. It was a bit of a brick. But it more than made up for that with fun launch titles, a great overall game library, and battery life no other portable console at the time could come close to matching.

But all of this is a bit off topic for this thread, I suppose.
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